One of the biggest reasons Combat Academy was created was to provide instructors and trainers (for simplicity we will just say instructors) a better platform to do what they do best…Train! From increasing one’s brand name and influence, to improving coaching efficiency, Combat Academy has a plethora of tools that can be leveraged and utilized by instructors to provide a better training experience for themselves and their students.

The biggest value Combat Academy provides to trainers is through the Power of Video. Video is a key component of Combat Academy’s platform and provides a two-combo punch when it comes to its value for Instructors. This first advantage comes through the ability for trainers to easily record and upload training videos that can either be instructional or drill based. Coaches also can set certain privacy limits on these videos so that only followers of that trainers, the coaches, or the whole CA public can see that video. This allows trainers to provide their students exclusive training videos or market their expertise to followers who share a common passion for martial arts.

So rather than using FB which is for Grandma and Grandpa to follow their grandchildren, or Russian bots to troll people, you can use a platform dedicated to Combat Sports. The same goes for YouTube which is full of every type of video and topic imaginable in addition to being open sourced and very difficult to manage privacy settings on.

A dedicated community building platform with currently thousands of mixed martial arts enthusiasts, Combat Academy’s video tools provide a great opportunity for trainers to further their brand name and following. By having engaging and interactive training videos and content, instructors can have their content trend in the featured feed of Combat Academy – a content curated feed of Combat Academy’s latest and most engaged content. Being showcased here allows instructors to further their exposure of their knowledge and expertise.

In addition to showing off one’s expertise and knowledge through the featured feeds, instructors can also recruit other amateur and beginner athletes who may publicly post training videos that are in a instructor’s location. This can be done through multiple ways but the best way to organically recruit and gain exposure is through the comments feature and leaving feedback and tips on other’s public training videos. This allows you to benefit other users who are progressing and showcase your expertise – a crucial factor for attracting new students.

If these features and benefits aren’t enough considered the increased retention that Combat Academy’s platform brings you. This comes primarily through another one-two punch of features. The first is through easy and constant contact that you are given through the platform. By being able to monitor your students and their attendance through posted activities, you can stay in constant contact with your students. If you notice a student’s performance is slipping or their attendance has been lacking, you can easily reach out to them through the platform. On top of that, Combat Academy has created a myriad of digital badges that reward students for attendance, activity posting, technique completion and executed moves, all of which comes though training (likely in your gym).

If this is still not enough to get you interested, consider that we are a platform constantly evolving and constantly adding new and better features. We listen closely to our users so joining the platform, which is completely FREE and easy to do, allows us to get direct feedback from you on what features you’d like to see created or developed further. In fact, even as I am writing this we have a team of developers currently working on building out more team and gym features that will provide trainers with even more capabilities. Expect some future updates as they release.

In the meantime, click this link and check out the premier free martial arts training platform.