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Combat Academy is a FREE app based platform for tracking, coaching and sharing combat sports activities. A complete community for martial artists, gyms, coaches and fans of MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Judo, Wrestling and more.

Welcome to another Combat Academy newsletter – finally!! We have been quiet for a while, apologies for that. We are doing fine and we hope you are too in these trying times. Our focus over the last year or so has been to keep the app stable and fix bugs that have crept in. We know we can make further improvements and there are many features we want to add over time. We will try to get to those soon, but for now we want to introduce our new weekly and monthly stats emails and go over some of our key features for the benefit of our new members.
If you have received this email directly you are most likely already a Combat Academy member and should be familiar with our basic features, but if a friend has forwarded this email to you, you can click the button above to learn more on our website and find links to the free app downloads.
Before we get to our new feature, we would also like to highlight some of our recent blog posts. We hope you find them useful.
Weekly email stats from Combat Academy
New Stats Emails
We are finally ready to launch something we have wanted to offer for a while; weekly and monthly activity stats emails. You will get these in your inbox periodically. Each email will summarize your activity on Combat Academy over the past week or month and compare this to previous performance. The emails will also introduce everyone to some of our members who are particularly active on the platform. The first weekly email will go out later today and the first monthly email should go out in early May.
Keep in mind the following:
  • The weekly email will only be sent to members who have been active during the previous week.
  • The monthly email will go out to all members.
  • If you did not receive the stats email, and think you should have, please check your junk or spam folder and add the sender ( to your contacts to make sure future emails arrive in your inbox.
  • If you do not want to receive these emails you can deselect them in account setting (privacy & notifications).
  • Links to other user profiles found in the emails fully respect the relevant privacy settings. A user can see your account profile page, but not logged activities that are private or restricted to followers only.
We hope you will enjoy receiving these periodic emails. As usual, if you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know here or at
And remember, if you want to see more stats, you can do so in our web app. We wrote more about that here. The web app also has some other features not yet available on mobile so make sure to check it out when you have time.
Quick Intro to Combat Academy
How have you been keeping track of you martial arts training efforts, belt tests and competition results? Perhaps with pen and paper in a journal? Perhaps in a custom-made spreadsheet? Or perhaps not at all?

Have you ever wished that there was an app that allowed you to keep track of these things in a better way, with the ability to save all your stats and efforts for future analysis, capture video and photos from your training sessions, set and track progress towards goals and give and receive feedback from your coach and the community?

Combat Academy was created by a small group of fitness and tech enthusiasts who felt that combat sports athletes and fans should have access to software that would allow them to do all those things and much more. We have written a fair bit about the background and features over the last 18 months, but if you are a new user check out some of the information below for some further detail.
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Help us spread the word. We all benefit if our comunity can continue to grow. Just use the INVITE and SHARE functions available in the app or simply forward this email to a few of your friends and training partners.
It would also be great if you could rate us on the Play or App stores, so don’t forget that next time you head there to update the app.
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