Combat Academy November Newsletter

  • Introducing our first major app update. Learn about our enhanced gym features and the new “My Gym” feed.
  • Competitions: Announcing recent winners and new give-aways starting now.
  • Want to see cat videos and posts from bots and trolls? Facebook is the place. Want a serious training and social platform dedicated to martial arts? Combat Academy is where you need to be. If you are a coach or trainer read on to learn more about how to leverage the CA platform as a teaching aid.
Combat Academy - A Better Way to Train 
Combat Academy is a new platform for tracking, coaching and sharing combat sports activities. A complete community for martial artists, coaches and fans of MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and more.
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Announcing New App Features.
Version 1.1.0 of the Combat Academy mobile apps has just been released with the following new features:
  • A dedicated My Gym feed has been added.
  • A new method for specifying a gym in your profile, activities and posts has been added, leveraging Google My Business profiles.
  • Gym owners/managers can create dedicated Gym accounts. Use these to easily engage with students and market your gym to athletes on and off the platform.
  • Push notifications. You can now receive Combat Academy notifications in your device notification center in addition to the in-app and email notifications that have been available since launch.
Check out the following guides to learn more about how to make use of the new features:
Follow this link to learn more or click the button to download the FREE app now.
Competition Update & Win More CA Gear.
Read on to find out about our new competition with a chance to win some Combat Academy gear. But first, we would like to present some of our recent winners.
We ran our first completion back in July. Albert from Spain (pictured above) was our first winner with Mauro (Angola) as the runner up.
In September Sugeneswaran (Malaysia), Gerardas (Lithuania), Dave (Belgium) made up the top 3.
Congrats to all the winner and make sure to check out their CA profiles by clicking on the name-links above.
November/December Competition Rules.
Our next competition is active now and will run until 20 December 2018. This time we want to focus on our new gym features.
  1. To enter update your profile with the name of your regular gym and add at least one public activity or post from that gym.
  2. Then invite as many members as possible from the same gym to sign up, set the same regular gym and add public activities and posts from the same gym.
In order to count in the competition all activities and posts should have at least one photo or video included. The winners will be selected from the gym with the greatest number of members on CA at the end of the competition period. We will have the following prizes:
The recruiter, winning a hoodie: the first member that “joined” the winning gym (by joined we mean set it as the home gym in the app).
The workhorse, winning a t-shirt and a hat: the member at the winning gym with the most total activities and posts from the gym during the competition period.
The runners up, winning t-shirts: up to 3 members from the same gym selected by a random draw.
Good luck to all our competitors!
The Perfect Training Platform for MMA Instructors.
One of the main reasons Combat Academy was created was to provide instructors and trainers a better platform to do what they do best…Train! From increasing one’s brand name and influence, to improving coaching efficiency, CA has a plethora of tools that can be leveraged by instructors to provide a better training experience for themselves and their students.
One of the main value-adds Combat Academy provides to trainers is the Power of Video. Video is a key component of Combat Academy’s platform and provides a two-combo punch when it comes to its value for Instructors. Trainers can easily record and upload training videos that can be instructional or drill based. Coaches can also control the privacy of these videos to restrict their visibility or to make them visible to the entire CA community. This allows instructors to provide their students exclusive training videos or market their expertise to a public that is interested in one thing only…mixed martial arts.
Another benefit to trainers is the ability to gain exposure through the activity feeds. In addition to showing off one’s expertise and knowledge by posting to the activity feed, trainers can also use the comments and Oss features to leave feedback and tips on other members public training activities, thus providing a benefit to other users and showcasing expertise at the same time – a crucial factor in building a public profile and attracting new students.