The core of the Combat Academy platform is our digital and video enhanced training journal that allows users to move away from using pen and paper to track their training and progress, and also the social features that allow users to follow and engage with other athletes at their local gym or halfway around the world.

The ability to attach video to any logged activity or post is, to our knowledge, quite unique. No other major training app offers this functionality and we want to encourage our users to make full use of this feature. We know it can sometimes be difficult to capture video from a good angle while working out, so in this short blog post we share some details on the gear we have been using to achieve this. The equipment is not expensive and is readily available on Amazon and other online stores.

There are many reasons why we believe video is an excellent tool for coaching and learning – see this blog post for details. Also, we understand that our users do not always want to make their video content publicly available. No problem, just use the privacy settings to control who can see each activity or post, including its attached photos and video.

We have found a sturdy flex clamp mount with an adjustable neck and a spring-loaded smart phone holder to be one of the most versatile ways of supporting a phone in a good position for video and photo capture. We are using a Sabrent Flex Clamp and a phone holder from Octo Mount, as shown in the image below and at the top of this blog post.

The Amazon links for these items are listed below. If Amazon is not available in your country, we are certain the same or similar items are available from other stores such as Ebay and AliExpress.

👉 Sabrent Flex Clamp

👉 Octo Mounts Phone Holder

Remember that if you get these items you also need a GoPro style quick release buckle to mount the phone holder to the flex clamp. If you don’t have any of those lying around you can find some here

Currently there is also a kit from Sioti available on Amazon that gives you all the parts (including two quick release buckles) in one package. The price in US at time of writing is only US$ 17.99.

👉 Sioti Complete Kit

We have not used that particular kit but it does look very similar to the equipment we are using.


One thing to watch out for if you are considering alternatives to the gear that we have featured here is that the clamp has quite a large opening, a curved inner surface and a sturdy spring. Smaller clamps with a flat inner surface are not recommended.


Do you have any questions or your own gear recommendations? If so please let us know in the comments or by contacting us here.

Do you have any good video content from a training session or competition? If, so we would love for you to share it on Combat Academy by adding an activity or post. Content with video attached ranks higher in the featured feed and we will be sure to look out for it.

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